Five ageing myths busted

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Don't give into the wave of time and sit back to watch the grey grow. Fight it like a man
Hanging up your dumbbells as soon as you turn 40? Confident that you won't lose hair cause your maternal grandfather could sponsor a toupee at the age of 90? Stop in your tracks right now. Here are a few myths about ageing that you should know aren't true.

No. 5: It gets harder to lose weight

Busted! Though metabolism rate might dip as you get older, you can't blame it for failing to shift the kilos. You need to switch to a low-fat or low-calorie diet to lose weight effectively. Even a low-sodium diet can help you shed kilos because it increases water retention. If everything else is in order, talk to your doctor about the medication you are on. Often medicines prescribed to older adults cause weight gain. Seek alternatives in consultation with your doc.

No 4. Gel makes me lose hair

Abusing hair products such as gel, hairspray, mousse, wax and the like can alter hair texture, but are not entirely responsible for hairloss. Hair growth is dictated by hair follicles; and since hair products coat the hair shaft and do not penetrate the scalp, they can't interfere with hair growth. However, for long-term health of your mane and scalp, go easy on these products.

No.3: mom's genes design male pattern baldness

You can't blame this one on your mother, like you do your poor cooking skills. Baldness is a hereditary trait both parents have an equal hand in. If you want to envision your baldness in advance, take a close look at both sets of grandparents and then hope you were adopted.

No. 2: I should switch to low-intensity work-outs

Don't make age an excuse to grow old in front of the TV with a bag of chips. Any form of activity is good for every age and not exercising is more likely to damage your health than working out. Vigorous exercise will improve cardio-vascular functioning and help prevent heart attacks, and other diseases, such as diabetes, that come with extra kilos. If you do suffer from an existing condition, consult a personal trainer to tailor-make a routine for you.

No. 1: I will age like my parents

While you parents' genes may have provided a blue print for ageing, you life circumstances - where you live, diet, exercise determine your particular aging process. What your parents gave you will affect only tissue degeneration throughout your body, while external factors exert a far more massive influence.
This means you are more in control than you think. So wear sunscreen, walk in the shade, eat healthy, get off the couch and spend some time outdoors getting fresh air.
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