Groom yourself for college life

Making the transition from school to college is filled with anxiety. Aisha Sahijwala gives you tips on grooming yourself for the much-talked-about college life
"Since high school, I anxiously waited to enter college - a place filled with fun, freedom and of course, education," recalls Simran Gupta, a class XII student of Mithibai College. A number of individual perceptions are linked to campus life. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most impressionable phases of student life. Today, students leave no stone unturned when preparing for college. Here are some tips that ensure a safe sail, when joining college.

The D-day

Most youngsters imagine vivid pictures of what their first day at college could be like. Friends, fun, lectures, books, libraries, blacklists and a host of good memories make place in the minds of young collegians. No matter how far the college attempts to make a fresher feel comfortable, it is ultimately freshers who need to gel with the crowd.
"My first day at college was confusing; I was lost among the crowd. Since I was new to the city, little did I know about college life in Mumbai. Probably that's what helped me make the best of friends at college," expresses Vinay Naik, a class 12 student. Your first day at college is what you make it to be. It is usually a combination of figuring out what division you fit into and who your batch mates are. When asked what you would do on your first day at college, Rhea Hirani, who is currently awaiting her SSC exam result says, "I want to study at HR College. My exploring expedition will begin at the college canteen. I've heard that it's got the yummiest of delicacies," she quips.

A whole new world

The new trend among students is that of getting a new wardrobe. No longer will they wear their old set of clothes and carry their same handbags. Initially believed as a trend followed by girls, it is now proved that boys too, prepare just as much. Rohit Arora, who just gave his class XII exam says, "Of course guys prepare for their first day at college. I remember shopping two months before college started. The same happened a year later. I practically changed my wardrobe twice."
College life begins way before you actually enter college. Preparing for admissions, filling forms, buying new accessories, clothes and diaries mark the beginning of your college life. The secret behind a number of blooming shopping hubs around colleges is revealed; ever increasing student crowd being the key.
Khushboo Khilnani, a KC College student quips, "I cannot count the number of times I have visited gift shops in the college vicinity. Whether it's a birthday or friendships day, our one stop gift shop is Satyam Collections. Infact, students are seen more at gift shops than in college. It's a phase actually. Initially, it's only about fun. Gradually, studies, projects and attending lectures come in."

This, that and all that

Apart from preparing for your days at college, the new highlight is that of increasing student clubs. The Rotract Club, Students Council, Language clubs and College fest clubs eagerly welcome new talent. Staying back for practice, breath-taking intercollegiate fests, convincing sponsors and a lot more combine practical learning and fun.
Whether you're prepared or not, your first day at college will be memorable. It's a race... beginning with a get-set-go! A combination of anxiety, curiosity and excitement await you! Go... experience this, that and all that!
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